Privacy Policy

Our privacy policies are designed to safeguard the personal information of the users.

We adhere to strict guidelines while securing details of the users such as their name, address, contact number and email address etc.

We equip the users with the authority to avail the services, whilst maintaining an anonymous identity. (i.e. they do not need to disclose their personal details)

We do follow a pattern of tracking URL of the domains through which the users are redirected to our site.

This is done to monitor the trends of customer behavior and is recorded for research and analysis.

Users are always pre-informed before the personal/non-personal information pertaining to their identity is garnered.

The option of disclosing/not disclosing their personal information is provided to the users.

The users in this case can still access the website, however their browsing will be restricted to some but not all sections.

The users are provided with individual login ID's and passwords, and can securely browse the website, and avail the services.

However, we bear no accountability for maintenance of the password confidentiality.

We also, hold no responsibility for the misuse of the password, and thereby the users are advised to alter their passwords at regular intervals.

User information is necessary wherein the individual's identity is required for verification, or for fulfilling user requests and for providing periodic subscriptions to the users

User information can also be employed for administering services of charging, billing and debt management.

User information is also required in cases where, we as AvadhUtopia would seek points of improvement/betterment from the user side.

As mentioned previously, the personal information is utilized solely for accentuating our services, and for no other means.


Cookies, the miniature sized text-files, are stored on our pages.

These cookies aid us in serving the users better by tracking user behavior and hence customizing it.

This information collected helps us to analyze the user preferences as well as gives us the room for improvement at faulty sections.

Users have the right to either accept or deny the cookies.

Sharing Your Information

Information received from the user end, while registration/booking/usage of services shall not be disclosed/traded/sold to third parties without the consent of users. (Except judicial scenarios or in cases where the users might be potentially harmed/threatened)

Technical enhancements, and efficient security features allow us to safeguard the private/confidential information of users from unauthorized access or identifiable potential threats.

Changes To Our Privacy Policy

The privacy norms could be modified/altered as and when required by AvadhUtopia.

The changes are usually called for in case of better safeguarding user privacy

The revisions (and the revised date) made to the existing policies would be broadcasted to the users

Regular updates on any changes in the policies would keep the users informed at all times.

In case of subsequent queries, from the user end, the customer care is always available to resolve them.