Terms and Conditions

Member Card is Compulsory to purchase any ticket.

Member has to be present during the entry.

Walk-in guests are not allowed.

Above 3 year ticket is compulsory.

Outside food not allowed.

Once ticket sold is not refundable

Show could not be screened if minimum 12 ticket are sold. Amount would be refunded.

Smoking, Chewing Gutkha /Pan /Pan Masala/ Chewing gum, Consumption of alcohol strictly not allowed.

We have a predefined set of Terms and conditions that regulate the usage of booking.avadhutopia.com by users.

These statements are designed to give an explicit review of our website, and it's services. The access to the website/section of website is enabled, if and when the users accept the terms and conditions.

However the users are advised to discontinue using (for review, reference or download) the services if they do not wish to abide by the terms and conditions.

The queries pertaining to the content enclosed in this section can be resolved by contacting us on info@avadhutopia.com

Eligibility Criteria

The User needs to be 18 years or over 18 years of age to be able to access the website and access it's services.

It is mandatary that website user must be avadh utopia member.

Registration is disabled in the sections of prohibition

All Users fitting the category have the right to adhere to the terms and conditions of Avadhutopia

Impersonation of any individual or entity by the user or provision of false details (age, affiliation with entity/organization etc.) by the user shall terminate their registration, affiliation and accessibility of the site.

Impersonation of any individual or entity by the user or provision of false details (age, affiliation with entity/organization etc.) by the user shall terminate their registration, affiliation and accessibility of the site.

Registration, Accounts and Passwords

The registration process would be submitted once the user agrees to the terms and conditions on the website.

The information provided by the user has to be authentic in all senses.

The user will be accountable for securing his credentials (password, identification etc.)

Constant regulation of the data presented by the user is essential for guaranteed privacy.

Any modulation/addition/subtraction/update on the content provided by the user is the whole sole responsibility of the user only.

The misuse, of the user's account, credentials, or the contents of it needs to be reported directed to our website.

The platform of AvadhUtopia will not be responsible for the breach of security (misuse of credentials, unauthorized usage) and the loss hence occurred to the user.

The website, also possesses the authority to terminate user registration, usage of services, information provided by the users, if there is a discrepancy detected.

Copyrights and Trademark Information

The name, logo, trademark name are under the exclusive rights of the respective holders.

Hence usage and modification of the same is not permissible without the discretion/knowledge of the holding authorities.

The right to intellectual property of the users is acknowledged by the website.

Any violation to it must be notified to the website authorities to take necessary legal actions.

The user needs to submit the description, location of the copyrighted content/material that has been violated

Details (Name, Address, Contact number, Email ID) of the user, along with their signature (sent electronically or physically) needs to be submitted

A statement ensued under penalty of perjury, asserting that the given information of copyright authority is authentic has to be sent.

Privacy Policy

It is hereby understood that the user consents, expresses and agrees that he has read/reviewed, and fully understands the privacy policy of Avadh, and agrees that the terms and contents stated therein are reasonable, satisfactory, and acceptable to him.


Constant efforts are put in by the team to ensure that the descriptive aspect of the website i.e. the content is error free.

However situations of erroneous content may arise by virtue of human err that may cause damage or loss to the user accessing the website.

Thence the change to the descriptive aspects on the websites of respective owners is unavoidable, and not under the authority of AvadhUtopia.

The changes to our website, while the user opts for our services can be made, if and when deemed necessary.

The changes would also be communicated to the users before the confirmed invoice.


Certain notifications or urgent details may be at times intimated to the users via email, mail, website postings or by any other reasonable mode of communication.

Any Notice addressed to AVADHUTOPIA must be couriered or sent through registered mail, to AVADHUTOPIA, 601 International Business Center, Dumas Road, Piplod Surat, Gujarat, India.

Unused Balance Expiry

AVADHUTOPIA reserves full rights to expire balances that remain unused for three consecutive months.

The users are accountable for utilizing their balance within that period so as to avoid expiry of their balance.

Coupon Delivery

The expected coupon delivery is five working days.

However, delay in deliverables arise due to unavoidable circumstances at courier services, post offices and at AvadhUtopia.

Details of the user/users need to be lucidly mentioned along with a landmark easily identifiable.

Details may be updated by the user/users at company email address

In case of the absence of user at the described location, the coupons will be handed over to the person present at that point of time at that address.

AVADHUTOPIA.COM will not be responsible for losses incurred by the user in such situations.

If AVADHUTOPIA.COM fails to receive a complaint for non-reception of coupons within 12 business days from date of ticket booking, it will be assumed that the user has received the coupons.

Online Movies/Events Booking

Due to limitations of some theatres at booking tickets via SMS, therefore such situations ask for a ticket/tickets printout of the movie show.

Movie Ticket(s) once booked cannot be cancelled.

Transferring the ticket to any other individual, show timing, date, or theatre is not allowed.

Details pertaining to the user, booked show, need to be submitted at the counter along with the member card incase of collecting the ticket print-out

Booking/Cancellation of movie ticket is subject to terms and condition of respective theatre. For more information, please visit website of the related theatre.

Users should collect their movie tickets at least 15 minutes before the show timings to avoid any sort of inconvenience

Users in case of issues, may communicate with us on company email address

Disputes, controversies or claims pertaining to the agreement will be governed by the legal jurisdiction of India.

Tickets shall be transacted based on availability and the order of booking.

The balance required to book tickets, must be maintained in the accounts of users to avoid situations of insufficient funds.

SMS's related to booking, transactions, offers, featured movies, events etc would be sent out to the users.

The user/users agrees to pay the service charge and other affiliated taxes on each transactional booking made through the system.

Refunds by virtue of show cancellation would be made in 7 working days.

However, in case of a show being postponed, there would be no case of refund. The user will have to attend the show on next scheduled date

Contacting at company email address would aid the user in better comprehension of cancellation, postponed dates and the subsequent refund.

Precise account details are expected from the user end in order to provide a seamless refund.

In case of last minute alterations in the ticket price, the user needs to agree to the modified payment and associated service tax

The platform of Avadhutopia.com sells tickets on the behalf of event organizers/cinema theatres and does not set the ticket prices or control the inventory or its availability.

Censor Warning

Users are advised to evaluate the censor guidelines before purchasing the tickets

Entry for Children aged below 18 years will be prohibited for an A rated movie.

Verification of additional ratings/entry restrictions that may be applicable for events/movies from time to time should be made beforehand to avoid inconvenience at the venue/theatre.


Checking a confirmation message of booking is deemed as the responsibility of the user.

In case of non-availability of the same, the user is advised to contact the customer care department.

AVADHUTOPIA.COM will not be responsible for losses (monetary or otherwise) if you assume that an order was not placed because you failed to receive confirmation.

Refunds and Cancel Policy

Refund and Cancel policy of the tickets is not encouraged by Avadhutopia.com, if it has been stolen/damaged or destroyed.

Also refund and Cancel of movie tickets is strictly prohibited

Therefore, it is imperative for the user to review the booking details beforehand.

The details of mobile number, member no or any other specific detail required for booking facilities has to be properly entered.

In case of err in data provision from users end, Avadhutopia.com will not be held accountable.

There are cases where the online transactions have been successfully processed on the website, and money is charged from the users account, yet the movie ticket services are not successful.

In such cases users are advised to send an email on company email address

The users are entitled to a full refund here

The user just needs to provide the following details for movie tickets - the theatre name, show name and show time.

In case of refund, it will be processed within 7 working days.

In case of refund, refund will be credited to the source account.

AVADHUTOPIA.COM'S Responsibilities Are Limited To:

Providing a valid ticket acceptable by the network of the avadh utopia club.

Resolving issues related to cancellation and providing refund and support as and when necessary

Situations of delay/inconvenience, and thereby providing complete customer support and related information.

AVADHUTOPIA.COM Does Not Take Responsibility For:

Any inappropriate behavior on the part of Avadh Utopia employees.

Quality of seat and seating arrangement

Cancellation of a Show by government due to unforeseeable/unavoidable reasons.

Loss, damage, or theft of customer's baggage during the visit of network club.

Indemnity and Compensation

Users hereby agree to indemnify, compensate Avadhutopia.com as well its affiliates (inclusive of its employees, directors, service/content providers, suppliers) against any losses, disputes, claims or demand.

This includes legal fees, resulting out of violation of these terms and conditions of service, or any breaches related to user's account caused by you, or any other entity using the user's account.

Limitation of Liability

Users hereby agree that the services provided by Avadhutopia.com may sometimes be affected or interrupted by multiple unavoidable that would include, but not limited to the internet facilities, failure of utilities, natural disasters, unpredicted acts of public, riots, war, strikes, restraining orders by the government, virus attacks, corrupted code, and website crashes.

In such scenarios, Avadhutopia.com will hold no liability for occurrence of any loss or damage to the user (you)

Further, Users agree that under no circumstances, that include but are not limited to negligence, shall AVADHUTOPIA.COM or its associates be held liable for any incidental or indirect damages that may arise from the use of, or the inability to use services offered by the website.

Changes To Terms and Conditions

Avadhutopia.com reserves the whole sole authority to modify/enhance the terms and conditions at any given point of time.

The users may indicate their acceptance by continued usage of the services provided by our website

No notifications will be communicated for the changes made to the terms and conditions.

Users are accountable to keep a regular check on the terms of service at regular intervals so as to stay informed about any changes.

Termination of Agreement

The termination of the user's account, password, access to it's services incase of violation or inappropriate usage is the whole sole authority of Avadhutopia.com

The site also holds sole discretion to discontinue providing the service, with or without any notice.

Upon termination, the user's right to use the site ends with immediate effect.

Further, the user should fully agree that the site should not be held liable to anyone for any termination of user access to the service.